Statement of Purpose

It is the purpose of Cottonwood Community Church to encourage all people everywhere to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength; and out of this love of God to love their neighbors as themselves.

To accomplish this, we shall

1.  Hold weekly worship services in the Cottonwood community.

2. Promote and encourage individual Christians to be a witness of Jesus Christ.

3. Promote and encourage the growth of all believers  toward Christian maturity.

4. Promote and encourage the growth, development and maturity of Christian families.

5. Promote and encourage the operation of and involvement in numerous small group “house churches.”

6.  Encourage all Christians to be actively involved in our community.

7. Further the Great Commission through active support and involvement in domestic and global missions.

8. Minister directly and indirectly to meet the physical needs of people in our community and throughout the world.